Steenburg Lake Community Association

Minutes of 2009 Annual General Meeting



Sunday August 2, 2009


Call to Order:  10:00 am, 32 cottages represented.  Quorum established

            Acceptance of minutes from 2008 annual meeting

            -no business coming from the minutes




President:  Dave Golem    

-welcome to the membership attending meeting

-turnover of the position to new president     


Incoming President:  Steve Churchill   

            -greetings to the membership,

            -wants to keep this a strong association with the help of membership

            -focus on events to involve everyone on the lake

            -everyone’s participation is encouraged


Treasurer:  Glenda Opsahl 

            -financial statement reviewed for the fiscal year of Sept 1 to Aug 31, 11 mos. ytd.

            -GICs are obtaining 4.1% which is excellent for the current worldwide situation

            -assets include $1000 prepaid insurance and T-Shirt inventory of $1000

            -PayPal account is now set up to help collect membership dues.

-small deficient at this point due to most expenses already covered and membership fees still being collected; expect to be in excess by Aug 31

-fundraising from t-shirts and various events are strong

-there were no significant differences in the annual expenses

-report will be included in the fall newsletter


Membership:  Marlene Pollard   10:28

            -119 cottages are paid up with more to come in from canvassers

            -thanks to all the canvassers for their hard work at collecting the fees

            -5 cottages used pay pal to pay up their memberships, encourage everyone to look at that option.

            -2 members received their 50 year membership certificate; Matthews family, cottage #169 and

Truscott family cottage #170


Social:  Carolyn Dobson   10:30

            -Road clean up - many thanks to those who participated in the road clean up on July 11th.

Volunteers were:  South Road – Dave Golem, Dave McDonald, Hamish McDonald, Alastair McDonald

North Road – Emma & Dave Anderson, Pat & Ian Fraser, Judy Platt, Greg Stolte, P.J. Marshall, Ann Brown, Marlene & Ron Pollard                                  

            -Regatta 2009 - the Regatta was once again a huge success, many thanks to all the cottagers 

            who came out and participated despite the rainy weather. 

            Thanks also go to the following:

             Wendy Butler and Janice Sargent - recorded and organized the participants

             Dean Dobson and Randy Simmons - organizing the boats at the starting line

             Dean Butler - printing Steenburg Lake T-shirts

             Pat Simmons and Marlene Pollard – assisting with sales

             Steve Churchill and Rick Churchill - barbeque

             -Fun Run 2009 – after a successful 2008 event with over 60 registrants, expectations are high 

             that the 2nd Annual Fun Run will be even more successful, it is scheduled for August 16th, 2009.

             T-Shirts – sales continue to be strong, volume discounts apply and a “hoodie” style has been 

             added to the line-up                                                

            Movie Night – many thanks to Anthony Genovese and family who hosted Steenburg Lake’s first

            ever “drive in” movie theatre at his dock.  Popcorn included. 


Municipal Affairs:  Gary Goodfellow

            -no news to report  


Lake Stewardship:  Rick Burke

            -water quality is still good

            -testing is being done when someone is going by the Peterborough office on a weekday morning


 Old Business: 

            High speed internet – Anthony Genovese

-Sympatico dial-up service is available in our area, and there was an unpublished local access phone number for Sympatico in Coe Hill.  The number was posted in the Lake Talk section of the website (613-337-8867).

            -Anthony tested Rogers WiMax, and the tower in Apsley it too far, so it isn't an option.

-the new Rogers Stick technology, the Bancroft area merchants have seen a return rate of >90%.  So it isn't a very good choice.

-Satellite remains an expensive, but workable solution.  Further, the signal can be shared using antennas.  Some on the lake are already doing this.

-discussed the possibility of radio towers on the lake, and encouraged people to complete the survey on the Internet on the website.


New Business: 

            Election of Officers 

-Incoming President – Steve Churchill

-Vice President – Anthony Genovese 

-Membership – Marlene Pollard has agreed to continue

-Social Programmes – Carolyn Dobson has agreed to continue with the assistance of new volunteers

-request for volunteers in order to continue bringing lots of activities to the membership; those who stepped up were Jimmy Nevins, Amanda Burke, Pat Simmons, Chris Langman, Tom Little, Wendy Butler

Suggestions for Additional Activities

-membership requested to provide input, contact any member or go online to use any of the addresses of the executive committee



Distribution of Door Prizes:


Motion to Adjourn:  11:30 am