Steenburg Lake Community Association

Spring Executive Meeting 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Cottage of Carolyn Dobson

Call to Order:  9.30 am, Executive members present:

David Golem, Carolyn Dobson, Glenda Opsahl, Judy Platt, Marlene Pollard,

Rick Burke, Steve Churchill, Gary Goodfellow, Anthony Genovese, Dave Langman

Motion to accept minutes – Rick Burke 1st, Glenda Opsahl 2nd, all accepted

Schedule of Events for 2009 Season

-          Add a rain date to the announcements for the Regatta – Saturday, July 11,  2009 with a rain date of Saturday, July 18
-          It was confirmed that association will proceed with a lunch after the Annual membership meeting – Sunday, August 2,  2009
-          A sub-committee was formed to organize plans, they are to meet on July 4 at Carolyn’s
-          Walk/Run event – Saturday, August 15, 2009
-          Water Front Concert - Sunday August 16, 2009
-          2009 Fall executive meeting – Sunday, September 13, 2009
-          Dave Langman suggested that we should announce an open golf event.  Anyone interested can meet at the River’s Edge Golf course on Tuesdays, which is half price day
-          Discussion of a scavenger hunt and also a night-time movie

Executive Positions to Expire

-          President – as the position is now to be succeeded by the person in the Vice President position, Steve Churchill will being taking on the role
-          Position of Vice President will now be vacant
-          Membership, Marlene will continue if no-one else expresses interest
-          Social Director, Carolyn will continue to stand if no-one is interested, the association to address the idea of an assistant position
-          Positions to be posted on site and requests for volunteers for social events and membership canvassers

Lake Stewardship

-          Rick will advise when he is testing water in order that some-one can take samples in to Peterborough
-          Pumping of septic tanks, Anthony to put on website that people are to contact Rick if they would like to participate in a volume pricing programme.   Don Tripp will be giving a group discount
-          Discussion with contractors regarding volume discounts for rebuilding septic systems will be deferred until a future date


-          The association continues to be in a good financial position
-          Interest % is good considering current rates
-          Goal is not to create profit but build a fund for membership activities and also to maintain a contingency fund for lake matters
-          Discussion whether we should post the financial report on the website, all agreed

  T-Shirt Fundraising

-          Fundraising efforts have proven to be very good, the association is agreed that we will maintain.  T-shirts will continue to be sold at all events. 
-          Dean Butler should be invited to join a meeting to discuss the T-shirt programme

Website Utilization

-          Decommission, now replaced with and
-          Discussion of the webcam on Anthony’s cottage, takes shot every ½ hr unless power goes out, takes 6 hrs to reset
-          He runs it spring through fall and Marlene volunteered to take it in the winter
-          It is a wireless AC adapter, could have multiple cameras and live video
-          Purchase of another camera was put to vote, cost would be $183 + delivery
Marlene 1st, Rick 2nd, all in favour
-          Bancroft marine will take a full page ad with logo on the site for $200
-          Discussion of Paypal, 2.9% + .30 transaction, can be use to collect membership fees and works like a bank account
-          All executive have linked email addresses, an upgrade to our website package would allow for additional addresses to all who request.

Limerick Township Bylaw Changes
-          Has only been posted on the website forum as of this spring
-          discussion of the association adopting a bylaw as a lake association or should we be a “support the theory and premise” of the Limerick township, role could be of education only
-          It was determined to be too large an issue to be discussed in a short time frame.

New Business

-          discussion of various internet choices and the options available, microwave, satellite service and antennas
-          only a few responses to the questionnaire were provided  
Nature Trails
-          maps show the trails around McGeachie Conservation area
-          Ministry of Natural Resources may be able to provide services of a junior ranger or naturalist to identify species
-          Connection to the crown land to add trails could also be done and possibly work done to a small bridge on the property that would connect some of the routes
-          A naturalist  club in Bancroft has contacted Dave regarding interest in the trails
-          Discussion of creating a association director  to oversee maintenance and junior ranger programme
-          Noted that it will increase usage at the beach, although the township does have some money to build a parking lot at McGeachie site

OPP Response
-          the response to the break-in on the East Bay road was inadequate at best, the township will send a formal letter of complaint to the local office

-          discussion of the cost of advertising, clarification is required, a policy needs to be in place for all the differing formats; size, with or without logos
-          mailing costs are still partially covered by Bonnie McLean-Dyas as she places a flyer with the mailing of the newsletter

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 am