Steenburg Lake Community Association

Spring Internet Report 2009

On October 28th, 2008, the Steenburg Lake Community Association launched its new website at

This website is provided as a source of information and entertainment for residents of Steenburg Lake, and the surrounding community.  

Although we’ve only been online a short period time, we have already had over 1,000 visitors from various parts Canada, the United States, and even abroad.  We’ve also been contacted through the website from individuals shopping for property on the lake.  So we are off to a good start.

Some of the features you will find on this website include, Weather forecasts, Newsletters, Event Calendars, Maps, Discussion forums, Stories and Photos.

The weather forecasts are brought to us from The Weather Network, and will provide current conditions, long-range forecasts, and weather advisories.  This spring we also launched our first Internet Webcam to provide a snapshot of lake throughout the day.

Our biannual Newsletters, such as this one, will also be published online.  Articles and updates will be stored in the on-line NewsCentre for easy retrieval.  In an effort to promote conservation of our resources, we will be working towards offering our members an electronic newsletter in place of postal mailings.  If you are interested in this option, please sign-up at the website using the Address Update link under the General Information tab.

All maps are located in the General Information section of the website.  The Google Map should make it easier for your guests to find the lake.  From the Google Map, simply have your guest click the blue marker labeled ‘Steenburg Lake’, and select ‘Get Directions to Here’. 

For those of you who are familiar with Google Maps, you know that you can add your own pictures and videos here also.  To see them, select ‘more…’ from the map.

And don’t forget to let us know if there are some interesting sites that we should be highlighting.  We’ll add a marker to those locations also.

The Discussion forum is open to everyone as a place to share thoughts and comments on a wide range of topics.  If you’ve got something to say, we’ve got a place for you to say it.

And while you’re online, take some time to look at the photos.  In the short time we’ve been online, the contribution of digital photography has been great.  Please share your favorite shots with us by e-mailing them to

Getting Connected…

So, what good is a website if you can’t get to the Internet from the lake? 

Well, high-speed Internet is available at Steenburg Lake, and some of us are already on-line.  

If you are interested in Internet service at the lake, please complete the Internet Survey on the website’s homepage.  I’ll provide interested parties with more details about the technology and providers, and we’ll have an update to share with you at the summer meeting.  Until then, you can also reach me at