Steenburg Lake Community Association

Lake Report Spring 2009

MNR Splake Stocking Program

Good News for anglers! MNR Bancroft Mazinaw District stocked 7500 Splake in 2006 and 7000 Splake in 2008 in our lake.

Save the Bass!

Don’t fish near the shore of  Steenburg Lake in the spring. The bass are on their spawning beds until late June. Once an adult male (baby bass protector) has been taken off it’s nest by a catch and release angler, it rarely returns to protect the fry. This leaves the nest open to predator Rock Bass, Perch, and Sunfish.  Congratulations out of season angler – you just killed a lot of future whoppers! Instead, use May and June to go after the Splake in the deep sections of the lake away from the bass spawning beds until the season opens in late June.

Stealth Cottaging

A good time at the lake includes a healthy mix of wild times with friends and neighbours, snoozing in the hammock, work weekends, camp fires, and communing with nature. This is your slice of heaven. You cherish the view from your porch (often the screen saver on your computer). Think about what you neighbours see when they look across the lake at your place. Do they see a dock poking out of a densely treed shore and wonder what your place looks like, or do they see a white boathouse, a beautifully manicured treeless lawn, sand beach, patio lanterns, and a huge yellow blow up trampoline out front. If the shore across from you looked like your place, would you be happy? Consider the following to turn Steenburg Lake back to nature:

1. Shade your outdoor lights so they point down, not out in the lake – avoid the “Honest Eds” look.

 2. Let the shoreline go back to nature. Create a natural buffer at the lake edge back 45 feet (15 meters) from the shore.  

3. Camouflage your cottage – go with colours that blend in such as dark green, dark blue or dark brown. White and yellow stick out like a sore thumb.    

Your cottage will be your screen saver that you look forward to all winter long. Wouldn’t it be great to have the best of all worlds – a summer retreat in a natural environment. Always keep in mind that your lake environment is fragile.

It’s a great time to consider an upgrade to your cottage Septic System

Take advantage of this year’s Federal Government Home Renovation Tax Credit (up to $1350) to bring your septic up to the current building code requirements before the rush starts in a few years (as a result of the proposed Ontario Government’s clean water legislation and mandatory septic system inspections.)

Septic Pumping: If you and your neighbors can coordinate 3 or 4 septic systems to be pumped, then Don Tripp (613-474-2237) is willing to reduce his price from $150 to $125. You have to be on the same road, and have Don make a single trip to complete three 800 gallon septic pump outs, or four 600 gallon septic system pump outs. Post your request to on the Steenburg Lake website and watch for other cottagers to join in the discussion.

Septic Inspection: Several Steenburg Lake Cottagers have recommended Kirk Tripp, a local septic system installer. He charges $200 to $250 to inspect your current system. Again, work with fellow cottagers to arrange yourselves into groups so Kirk minimizes travel time and related expenses.

Save the Loons

Keep an eye open for baby loons that move onto the water just in time for the July long weekend. We sadly report that a pair of loon’s that brought forth two babies last year saw them meet there demise as a result of an inattentive boater pulling tubers. Baby loons are easily swamped by our boat waves