Steenburg Lake Community Association

Spring Membership Report 2009

Welcome back everyone. This winter was different again. We saw a lot of freezing rain, icy roads and high winds. This winter seemed longer that usual and this could be as it did start the end of October. I will be getting our canvassers kits ready soon and looking over my list I will need a few more canvassers. One of the areas that needs a canvasser is area #15 which consists of cottages 416 to 366 on the south road.  Please give me a call if you are interested. My email is  and my phone number is 613-474-2392.


Without your help we won’t be able to collect the membership, therefore the association will suffer. If you have any suggestions for the association,   please feel free to contact me at any time.


Have a great summer!!!!!


Marlene Pollard