Steenburg Lake Community Association

Fall Executive Meeting 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Cottage of Steve Churchill

Call to order:  9:30 am, 

Executive members present:  Steve Churchill, Marlene Pollard, Anthony Genovese, Glenda Opshal, Dave Golem, Carolyn Dobson, Judy Platt

Events for 2011 season

-         Regatta will be Saturday, July 11, 2011

-         Social committee is going to meet to discuss some new ways of doing the event to change it up a bit, make it more fun and exciting for the participants

-         Will try some things that include families as a whole and some events for small children

-         Road Clean-up on Sunday, July 12, 2011, hand out garbage bags at the regatta and assign areas for people

-         Anthony’s movie night to be Saturday, August 1, 2011, no mention of a rain date

-         AGM will be Sunday, August 2, 2011 with barbeque lunch right after the meeting

-         Fun Run will be Saturday, August 15, 2011

-         “Have a Dock Jamboree”  - 7pm on Saturday, August 15, 2011

-         Upper Canada Marine approached the association about holding a catch and release fishing derby on the lake with a $500 prize

-         They would handle the whole event, setting up a pontoon boat in the lake

-         Executive were all in agreement that we don’t want to encourage outside boaters on the lake in an attempt to avoid further contamination of the lake

-         A request is to be made to Mike at the marina to determine how many boat launchers are cottage owners or outside visitors.

-         Mike is not power washing because people are illegally launching at the beach, they are moving the boulders to make room, Limerick township is looking into additional boulders to prevent this from happening

-         OPP & MNR launch at Mike’s

-         Anthony is still trying to organize how the winner of the photo contest will be chosen


Executive Positions to expire

-         no positions are expiring this year



-         167 members paid up at this date

-         15 used Paypal for payments

-         Only one section needs a canvasser

-         Suggest an email be sent out in early spring reminding people that they can pay be Paypal

-         Consider ways of minimizing the work of the canvassers, less trips back to each cottager

-         There is a potential of 200 cottages to become members

-         Steve will visit the non members next year, to discuss why it is beneficial to become a member of the association

-         The following is a list of member concerns collected by canvassers on their rounds

-garbage collection

-snowplowing on the south road

               -use only the fire route #s to minimize confusion on location of cottages

-lake markers are white and are difficult to see in bad weather, can another colour be considered

-Dave Golem as reeve of Limerick represents only a part of the lake

-boats being illegally launched at the beach by moving the boulders

-what are the chances of SLCA buying the headland, this is not a possibility as the taxes and insurance would be extremely high in addition to the purchase price

-some cottagers expressed disappointment about the “white boathouse” jokes in the newsletter, felt there were more important issues to deal with on the lake


Financial Report

-         Inventory of t-shirts need to be added to the report, t-shirt profit is around $500

-         Advertising and memberships are up so we are in a profitable position

-         New signs have had a good response, the money was well spent

-         Fun run expenses and income must be added to the report, Carolyn will provide to Glenda

-         Dave Langman will have a receipt for expenses for zebra mussel testing

-         Zebra mussel test results show 2 larvae in a water sample of 1 litre which indicates that there is infestation at this stage

-         Testing will be ongoing as we now have a benchmark



-         Brad Hoard is not proceeding with towers as there is now more evidence of a major company planning internet service in the very near future

-         However, there is still no word on who will be putting the towers and service into the area, Bell or Rogers

-         There appears to be a clearing south of Jordan lake in preparation for a tower

-         It would be the latest technology so cell phones would be able to work up at the lake

-         Fiber optic is to be laid along highway 62, this project is handled by the Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus, which is funded by gov’t and private investors


New Business

-         FOCA provided a information disc, some of which could be used on the website

-         Newsletter should continue to have colour on the front and back covers

-         Dave to prepare an election coverage article to put on the website and in the newsletter

-         This should also go as a separate email to all members in order that they can be informed in time for the election

-         Need to determine ways of reinforcing the benefits of members providing their email addresses to Anthony for our listing

-         Currently we have 142 addresses

-         There are two cameras on the lake, only one is operational at this time, Anthony’s is down for the winter

-         Mike at the marina will be moving up full time next year

-         When marina is open full time, they may consider a camera

-         There are to be no revisions to the newsletter once the executive have signed off on it

-         Anthony to send an email listing of the executive addresses to be used as a template for communication, to ensure most up to date email addresses

-         Tudor Cashel has agreed to snowplow 1st 300 M of the south road, Limerick will likely be pushed to plow their portion, but it is unlikely Tudor would then continue with the balance of the road

-         Tudor Cashel has created a road committee,  Gord Chad is on this committee

-         There is a possibility of a new doctor coming to North Hasting Health Centre; her husband is a sports marketing person who may have ideas how to organize associations in area to jointly discuss and create events


Meeting adjourned 10:50 am