Steenburg Lake Community Association

Spring Executive Meeting 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010
Cottage of Steve Churchill

Call to order:  9:10 am, 

Executive members present:

Steve Churchill, Marlene Pollard, Anthony Genovese, Marlene Pollard, Rick Burke, Carolyn Dobson, Judy Platt, Glenda Opsahl, Dave Golem


-need to get more info to Dave Langman to complete the newsletter by May 7
-new sponsor, Porter Bros. Construction will pay half of mailing
-business signs are not legal in Limerick Township, Tudor has a different bylaw.
-any that can be pulled down during the road clean-up, give to Dave and the township will contact the business to advise them of the bylaw
-road signs for social activities; Dean Butler has provided a good quote, approximately $600 --signs would be well secured in the ground
-Carolyn to advice on the size of the sign,
-Dave Golem to bring up at council to obtain approval or determine if a permit is needed
-signs for McGeachie can be created at the same time, Dave Golem will forward graphics to Dean Butler to be produced
-notice of new signs to go in newsletter


-still have approvals from two owners to put tree line towers up
-Brad will need some sort of commitment from people before he installs them
-Brad will handle all details, he just needs a commitment
-pricing could be about $10 for modem plus $30 to $50 a month fee
-discussion of ease of connection with a Rogers hub
-agreed to add a form on the website to facilitate connection to Brad
-Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus has given approval of a new pipeline up Hwy 62 which will bring full speed technology
-discussion of a third camera for the lake, approved – association will pay for this additional camera 

Zebra Mussels

-lots of interest in this subject on the lake
-consider bringing in an expert to the annual meeting to discuss the mussel problem
-Dave Golem is to obtain a sample to show people what they look like
-public beach liability is under township, Dave Golem to look into this
-some research is needed to provide info on filters for water lines

Rock Markers

-we have 22 which conform to Ministry of Transport standards
-discussion regarding type of connection to the rocks
-consideration must be made for other rocks that should require the markers
-add a warning in the newsletter to remind people to be careful as water levels are very low this spring, many additional hazards could be uncovered
-Rick to provide a comment for the newsletter and will provide an updated map 

McGeachie Trails

-trails are now almost complete, 8 km are available
-not yet marked by triangle reflective markers – it will take a few hundred
-hope to cover cost by some other funding
-there was a fence built around the parking lot to minimize intrusion into the neighbours’ property
-a welding class in Bancroft is creating a gate to prevent ATVs and a box for donations
-2 weeks in November are off limits, it is hunting season, Crowe Valley gains about $1000 in revenues
-old bridge is too far gone to rebuild and there is a problem with access for new footings
-cross country skiing, biking, hiking is encouraged
-outhouse and bear proof bin to go up shortly
-new bird houses are now up
-Crowe Valley owns and manages the property
-big thanks to Dave Golem for making this project happen
-discussion on whether SLCA should have an official status as manager of the trail or should be a separate association for McGeachie Conservation area
-Eastern Ontario Trail Association has provided funding of $17k up to now, and will be putting it on the tourist maps
-Crowe Valley Conservation Authority hold he liability, we should maintain a support position only
-Limerick Township has contributed about $1000 to date
-fun run is to be moved over to it and revise it to be a fundraiser for McGeachie Conservation area
-an official opening event should be planned, Dave Golem to set a date, possibly have a barbeque
-the potential for a memory/reflection garden is being considered

Lake Capacity

-a comment should be added to the newsletter to heighten awareness of the headland for sale
-the original study was done in 1992/94, criteria has changed
-lake was a borderline case at the time, it could swing in the other direction now as other rules may affect the result
-we should be aware of the possibility of a new fight to prevent massive development


-continue to be strong sellers, need a new form for the website and newsletter
-consideration to be made for a McGeachie t-shirt that would allow association to make a donation on behalf of the cottagers

 Financial Report

-a small profit is being made each year
-discussion on whether we should be adding to the reserve fund
-should we have a speaker from Limerick Lake to discuss their problem with the new development and why increasing the fund is important
-new format of financial report is very clear now, any comments on it should be directed to Glenda

 South Road Update

-Tudor/Cashel township has been approached about assuming care of the South Steenburg Lake Road by some permanent residents
-cost involved is very high 

Social Activities

-no changes are planned for the Regatta, it will continue as in the past
-also no changes planned for the Annual Meeting, the lunch after will be offered again this year
-need to push the lunch to more of the membership to help encourage them to come to the meeting and stay afterwards
-Fun Run will now be held at McGeachie Conservation area
-social committee is in place to help Carolyn with events
-make additions shirts this year to be sure we have enough for all participants
-volunteers may be needed to help put up signs


-new format for listing addresses, now includes the 911 address
-new member kit – items to consider:  water sampling news, push website, lots of social activities for people to be involved in, strong membership
-50 kits to be made 

Limerick Bylaw Changes

-meeting for public comment is scheduled for May 29 1pm to 4pm in the Limerick Community Centre
-draft bylaws to be posted on our website
Meeting Adjourned 11:30am