Steenburg Lake Community Association

Minutes of 2008 Annual General Meeting



Sunday  August 3, 2008


Call to Order:  10:05 am, 26 cottages represented.  Quorum established

            Acceptance of minutes from 2007 annual meeting

            1st   Ian Fraser, 2nd   Gary Goodfellow

            -no business coming from the minutes




President:  Dave Golem   10:10

            -celebrations of 50 years, recounting of an historical event from Jack McGeachie’s family history

-many other stories of life on the lake in earlier years, encourage all to preserve them by building a library, contact anyone on the executive

-reviewed water quality protection, actions we can all take to maintain quality i.e.: no washing of hair, clothes or pets in the lake, no fertilizers, minimize petroleum product usage, build buffer zone

-reminder to all members that the loon watch programme is undergoing and those interested in participating should contact one of the executive

-MPAC will be reassessing this coming year with a 4 year phase in, advice writing MPs to stress the importance of fair evaluations


Vice President:  Steve Churchill   10:20

-re-enforced that cottagers become involved in events, offer suggestions for things that would interest people particularly families

-special thanks to Carolyn Dobson for a great job on running the regatta, a big turnout was seen


Treasurer:  Glenda Opsahl   10:25

            -financial statement reviewed

            -finances are in a good position

-thanks to Dean Butler for his work on the t-shirt programme, the fundraising has been quite successful


Membership:  Marlene Pollard   10:28

            -180 cottages are members

            -thanks to all the canvassers again this year for their tireless work calling on neighbours

            -Marlene still needs stories for the newsletter


Social:  Carolyn Dobson   10:30

-thanks to the helpers at the regatta that greatly contributed to its success

            -the list of winners will be in the newsletter and on the website

            -reminder of the last couple of events, the Fun Run and the waterfront concert


Municipal Affairs:  Gary Goodfellow   10:35

            -no business to report


Lake Stewardship:  Rick Burke   10:35

            -water testing has found the results to be consistent with previous years

            -historical data can be found on the Ministry of Natural Resources website

-lake capacity study from 1992, the reserve fund collected at the time of the proposed development is still on hand and will continue to be a back-up in case of a necessary action

-lake capacity study was accepted by Hastings County however any challenge would quickly deplete the fund

-2 entries for the rock bass derby, need to encourage more kids to enter or consider discontinuing



Old Business:  10:40

-the liquid waste disposal plant for North Hasting is underway however it is uncertain whether there will be enough capacity for sewage waste from our lake to be discard at this location

            -cost could increase substantially in the near future


 New Business:  10:45

            High speed internet

-update on services

            -Restal is now offering service to residents on the lake

            -Arantel has approached Jim Tanner on the south road but they are not building yet

            -Sympatico has a local number for dial up service

-a show of hands found that 6 members would be interested in high speed internet service, a questionnaire to be put in the fall newsletter to determine extent of interested


Limerick Lake Estates

            -the developer is going to the OMB to add more lots to those already approved

-well and septic systems are planned for all lots, which are to be a minimum of one acre each

            -new lots are within 1000ft of shoreline

            New Activities on the Lake    

            -discussion on how to get the teenagers together, i.e. Bonfires

-other ideas include card nights, corn roast, golf afternoon


Tudor/Cashel Township Services

-a health clinic in Gilmour for emergency

-a library is open to township residents

-more info on the services available to be added to the newsletter and put on the website


Fire Service

-Tudor/Cashel has disbanded their fire services

-Limerick has picked up the territory down to the hydro cut south of Jordon Lake; Madoc Township has picked up the balance of Tudor/Cashel

-discussion on donating to the Limerick Fire Dept to build on the $50k support received from the Ontario government last year

-determine if there is a wish list for equipment

-Motion:  Association is to investigate a substantial donation to Limerick Fire services from the general association fund or by fundraising

            -1st by Dave Langman

            -2nd by Ian Fraser

            -all in favour, motion carried


Update on Zebra Mussels

            -all surrounding lakes now have these mussels

-everyone should be cognizant of washing boats to remove any larvae and mussels before entering waterways      


New Doctor

            -there is a new doctor in Coe Hill accepting patients

            -Dr. Rob Kamermans   613-337-8984


South Road Complaints

-letters to Tudor/Cashel and Limerick councils are necessary in order to make them aware that the quality of road needs attention


Distribution of Door Prizes:  11:15


Motion to Adjourn:  11:20