Steenburg Lake Community Association

Membership Report November 2007


This is a question that many ask every year. The following list provides some of the answers: 

  1. Our membership in the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA) allows the South Road to get insurance for snow ploughing.
  2. SLCA has been successful in stopping further development on the lake.
  3. Preservation of the lake i.e. supporting the protection of known Loon nesting sites and monitoring the water quality.
  4. Placement and maintaining of rock markers throughout the lake.
  5. Social activities, newsletters, annual meeting.
  6. Allows everyone to have a voice.
  7. Gives everyone the opportunity to meet their neighbours.

As stated in our newsletter, I have reported that we have 170 members for 2007-2008. Eight of these members are new cottagers and we welcome them. We had a couple of new canvassers who I am sure enjoyed themselves. If anyone is interested, I still have a couple of areas open. Just let me know.

It is November 22 nd and we have 7 inches of snow. Our winter up here has started a little early this year.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Very Happy Healthy New Year.

Marlene Pollard
Membership Chair