Steenburg Lake Community Association

Membership Report 2008

Well what can I say? Yes it was a wet one but so happy to see all the participation at the SLCA activities. More kayaks, sea do’s, canoes, paddle boats and of course the pontoons. Yes we bought one and I must say I have never enjoyed the lake as much as this year. Mind you I have always enjoyed the lake but with a pontoon I can walk on and walk off my new boat. Oh yes and the lunches (just floating along). So if you see us on the lake eating and floating we are not in trouble just enjoying our wonderful Steenburg Lake.

To date we have 170 members. I have sent 18 sorry we missed you letters and have heard from a few already. I would like to thank the following canvassers for all their help. They are as follows:- Ian Fraser, Lee Burton, Dave Anderson, Elaine McCarthy, Christina Candy, Ed Horne, Sue Jarson, Dave McDonald, Ralph Cole, Joanne Boyce, Alana Cameron, Amy Truscott, Garry Goodfellow, Eileen Walsh. Again THANK YOU for doing the canvassing. Without you all the job would be very difficult. There will be a couple of areas open next year so if anyone would like to get involved and meet members on the lake please let me know.

I would also like to welcome our new members for 2008. They are as follows:- Membership # 36 Frank & Marina Pinder from Inveryary, ON; #32 Wanda & Steve Hulcoop; #93 Brent Taylor from Frankford, ON; #111 Chris & Patricia Guernsey from Belleville, ON; #132 Doug & Kevin Whiteside from Scarborough, ON and #133 Rex & Michelle Loizos from Port Hope, ON. WELCOME TO THE LAKE……..

Lost member

On a sad note I was notified that Mr. Robert Johncox (member #29) at the age of 96 passed away in Binghamton, NY. He was one of our 50 year members of the SLCA.