Steenburg Lake Community Association

Plant a Tree Challenge 

Message from Minister Donna Cansfield

Trees are an important tool in our fight against climate change. Trees help reduce the impacts of carbon dioxide in our environment, provide erosion control, restore and enhance wildlife habitat, help reduce flooding, improve air and water quality and contribute to energy conservation. The Ontario government is involved in two tree-planting programs that will result in more than 50 million trees being planted by 2020. Together, we can do more. I am challenging the people of Ontario to help fight climate change by planting trees in their yards, in their neighbourhoods and in their communities. Even one tree will help the environment and improve our province. Think of what we could accomplish in the fight against climate change if each of us could plant a tree! 


My ministry has set up,an interactive website where people can tell everyone how they’re helping Ontario fight climate change by planting trees. We’re encouraging people to visit the website to enter the number of trees they’ve planted, send in stories and pictures of their tree-planting events and find information about planting trees and its benefits. Already we have more than 50,000 trees on our tree counter. 


I’d like you to help me spread the word about our new tree-planting challenge. Some of the ways you can help include:


·        Mentioning the tree-planting challenge in e-mails or other correspondence to your members and stakeholders·        Posting the attached article on your website·        Including information in your newsletters or bulletins·        Including our tree-planting challenge link in your e-mail signature (instructions attached)·        Linking to our tree-planting website·        Supporting friendly competitions among your members and stakeholders.

 You may have other means of informing your members and stakeholders about this important challenge. Challenge yourself. Challenge others. Spread the word – if even one tree is planted you will be helping the environment and contributing to a brighter and cleaner future for our province. 


Sincerely,    Donna Cansfield

Minister of Natural Resources